Clinical Audit Group Strategy

This site has been established to disseminate information about the work of the group, and to provide assistance to veterinary surgeons involved in the audit process

This group was established in 2004, following on from the work pioneered by the SPVS Masters Group.

Our vision – The development of a culture where clinical audit is a routinely utilised and valued tool in aiding progression and control of the veterinary profession


  • To overcome some of the barriers to the introduction of audit within the veterinary profession.
  • To give some structure to the initial integration of audit into the profession.
  • To un-tap the potential for audit within the profession


  • To produce a guide to clinical audit
  • To undertake relevant areas of research to improve understanding in this area
  • To initiate routes
      • for sharing of information on audit
      • to allow collaboration of data
      • to share best practice
      • to provide a forum of discussion around clinical audit
      • to facilitate, where appropriate, all of the above.
      • To prevent duplication of effort within the profession i.e. co-ordinate with other bodies with a common goal.

Download the latest neutering benchmarks to see how you compare with the sector.

Post-surgical neutering complications audit 

This is an opportunity for you to set up a simple audit to measure post-operative complications of neutering, and to share your data anonymously with others to find out how you are performing.

Take Part

I understand that the data I am providing will be pseudo-anonymised and may be used for research and published as part of the benchmarking report.