Welcome to vetAUDIT, the home of clinical audits for the veterinary profession.

What does vetAUDIT do now?

vetAUDIT currently assesses post-operative complication rates for routine neutering.

By collecting data from practices across the country, vetAUDIT has been able set benchmarks for acceptable complication rates in canine and feline spays and castrations.

This allows practices to compare their statistics against vetAUDIT’s data. By submitting anonymously, practices can receive personalised reports on their performance, and further strengthen the body of evidence.

While vetAUDIT operates within a very specific area in its present form, the success of this initial stage of the project is the perfect base for what is to come…

What will vetAUDIT do in the future?

A previously independent project now under the RCVS Knowledge banner, vetAUDIT has undergone an assessment of its own and is now evolving.

The first phase of this evolution is what you see today: a rebranded website with a look and feel fit for the modern veterinary practitioner.

The goal of the next phase is to increase the variety of audits – with regard to the areas of veterinary medicine monitored and the outcomes studied (i.e. beyond complication rates).

The process of submitting data and receiving tailored feedback is likely to remain the same for the foreseeable future – active users of the site need not worry – but we do hope to make vetAUDIT a fully automated resource in the time to come.

To make this next phase in the vetAUDIT lifecycle a reality we endeavour to work closely with potential auditors and practices already interested in supplying data. If you think you may fit either of those bills – or you just want to suggest areas to be audited – get in touch via the form on the homepage.